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He speaks in some of America’s greatest churches.

His ministry includes, crusades evangelism, missioniary crusades, and Debt Free Rallies. His greatest desire is to help churches and believers to live in the Biblical Prosperity God has for them.

He has appeared on all major Christian televisnetworks works around the world. Networks such as Daystar,PTL,700 Club, TBN, INSP and TCT.  He has also appeared on the world famous Grand Ole Opry.  As a singer, he has recorded 34 music projects., and has had 54 number one songs as an artist and songwriter..  As a songwriter, he has songs recorded by over 1000 gospel artists in America and Europe.  These artists include: Jimmy Swaggart, Larnel Harris, Goodman Family, Kenny Hinson, Terri Gibbs, Lee Greenwood, Mike Purkey, Vern Jackson, Del Way, Betty Jean Robinson, Kingsman Quartet, Florida Boys, Dixie Echoes, Rod Parsley Choir, and many others.  He has written songs like: “HIS BLOOD STILL SETS MEN FREE”, “THE CLOUD HE’S COMING BACK ON”, “TURN AROUND”, “LET’S HAVE CHURCH”, “GREATEST LOVE STORY” and “THE NIGHT JACK DANIELS MET JOHN 3:16”, “GOD BLESS AMERICA AGAIN”, and “HOUSE OF GOOD NEWS”, just to name a few.

Having spent several years in pastoral ministry, James understands the need of the church, and how to minister to that need.

His great compassion for the lost results in hundreds of conversions.  Having been healed on his deathbed, he has great faith and anointing that is evidenced by miracles, signs, and wonders.



“James Payne’s appearance on P.T.L ranked in the top ten, for all programs for conversion.
Jim Baker

“One of the greatest evangelists to the church today.”
Mike Murdock

“One of the most anointed guests to appear on the 700 Club.
Pat Robertson

“James is on of our favorite guests on channel 38 in Chicago.  He has compassion for the hurting like I’ve never seen.”
Jerry Rose

“One of God’s chosen servants to ignite the flames of revival in this hour.”
Oral Roberts

“A great songwriter, and a tremendous preacher of the gospel.”
Jimmy Swaggart

“James Payne’s messages on Campmeeting have helped reach 230,700 souls this year in 199 countries and providences”.

Dr, David Cerrello

Our only requirement is for an offering to be taken in each service.  We prefer the offering be received by the pastor at the close of the service.  Concert or Seminar finances are discussed and agreed upon according to the particular meeting.

Pastor, I know you understand the benefit and blessing of effective advertising.  We will furnish you with the needed material to assist you in doing a successful job.

  • Radio spots
  • Television spots
  • Newspaper
  • Special posters throughout church
  • Telephone teams to call church membership
  • Special prayer emphasis before and after meeting to prepare for seed, and preserve seed.
  • Bulletin and pulpit promotions


Having spent 11 years as a pastor, I fell I understand the need of each church to share the pastor’s vision.  I also realize the importance of each guest speaker to bring a blessing to the church and not a burden.  My pastoral background has furnished me with the insight and ability to help any church have their needs supplied.

God spoke to me specifically about three things:

  1. Go to any church, regardless of size.
  2. Never write anyone in that church and ask for support, after the close of the meeting
  3. Let God’s will determine my schedule.

In obedience to God, all we ask form any church, is an opportunity to expose our ministry to the people.  We ask that a freewill offering be received in each service after the message.  A place to set up tapes and CD’s

After reviewing this information, if you would like additional help in considering our ministry for upcoming events, CD’s, DVD;s  and music tapes are available at your request.  They are mailed free to all pastors.

After scheduling a meeting, we will furnish you with adequate advertising material.

Please pray about this ministry. Col. 4:3 Paul prayed that a door of utterance would be granted that he might share the mysteries of Christ.  Pastor, this is our only desire.


Travel Arrangements & Lodging

Our travel is both by land and air. One coach airline ticket is required if travel is by air. One King motel room in a comfortable and clean environment. Travel by land will be reimbursed by presentation of gasoline receipts. All costs are negotiable depending on the status of the church or venue. Money should never be an issue when it comes to revival, encouragement, entertainment, or meeting the spiritual needs of people.

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