DR. James Payne is founder and president of JAMES PAYNE MINISTRIES in NashvilleTennessee.  James is celebrating 40 years of full time ministry.  He has preached over 5000 crusades and continues to be in great demand for revivals and camp meetings.  He is referred to as a modern day revivalist. God has anointed him to help people become debt-free and to be blessed by God so they can be a blessing to God’s work.

James is a Grammy nominated songwriter.  He has authored over 2000 songs and recently released his 30th recording project.  His classic signature song “The Night Ole Jack Daniel’s Met John 3:16, was not only a hit in gospel music, but also crossed over to country charts.  It reached number one on many large country music stations and stayed there for several weeks.  It was also nominated for song of the year.  James’ list of songwriter credits reads like a “Who’s who of singers.”

  • Terri Gibbs and Lee Greenwood / Turn Around (Nominated for a Grammy)
  • The Happy Goodman Family / The Cloud He’s Coming Back On / The Greatest Love Story
  • Jimmy Swaggart / His Blood Still Sets Men Free
  • The Florida Boys / Headlines
  • The Dixie Echoes / Cut From The Rock / Too Near The Crown / The Day Will Come
  • The Stamps ( Back Up Singers For Elvis) / The Walls Of Jericho
  • Mike Purkey / Let’s Have Church, Three Rusty Nails, Going Home, Look, Good News Is
  • The Bad News Was Wrong / Walls of Jericho
  • Vern Jackson / Mama’s Prayers / Jesus You Mean More To Me / Old Time Revival
  • Ricky Van Shelton / Backwoods Kentucky Law
  • Betty Jean Robinson / Step On In

James was raised from the dead in 1968 and delivered from drug addiction and alcoholism.  James has been anointed and assigned to break the spirit of containment from people’s lives and to help them fulfill their destiny.  He is a preacher who sings…not a singer who preaches.

James has appeared on all major TV Networks such as PTL,700 Club, Daystar, TBN, TCT, INSP Cornerstone and many others.